Thought of the day 13 09 16 

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Back to work for me today after a lovely relaxing #weekend ….Today is also day 13 of the #selfcareseptember challenge by @bodylove4all and the theme is #VIP …… An important part of maintaining a healthy level of self-care is recognising that you are a #priority and that you are more important than all the hustle and bustle and the things on your to do list. Being productive is, of course, important for our wellbeing so I’m not talking about throwing your #responsibilities out the window all together. But when we become so focused on getting things done and looking after others that we forget to take care of ourselves, our bodies and our minds suffer. You are your greatest tool and you won’t be able to sustain being productive, successful or kind if you don’t prioritise yourself. So to fit with the theme of today, remember that you are VERY important. Try not to forget that. Perhaps try to schedule something in this week that says “I’m very important. And I can take time to care for myself”. I had a recent conversation with my husband about my need to stop accessing my work emails when at home, and I have since auctioned this so that I can better enjoy my days off, guilt free. Interestingly- the world hasn’t ended by me allowing myself to take a few days just for me. Happy Tuesday lovelies xx
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