Instagram thought of the day 19 09 16

Today is day 19 of the #selfcareseptember challenge by @bodylove4all and the topic is #dearme ….We have all experienced some negative beliefs about ourselves at some stage. These negative beliefs can be pronounced, long-standing and have a large impact on psychological #wellbeing, whilst others can be more subtle and only impact us sporadically. Often, negative beliefs about ourselves develop when we misinterpret certain life experiences (e.g bullying, parental separation, pressure to perform) to mean something inherently bad about us (e.g I’m not good enough, I’m not lovable). We are particularly vulnerable to developing negative beliefs about ourself in our childhood and teen years, when our emotional development is still occurring. It is then that we are more susceptible to misinterpreting the reasons for why things occur (e.g., my friend bullied me because I am no good, it is my fault Mum and Dad separated, that teacher yelled at me because I am dumb). Sometimes, it can be useful to reflect on our life experiences and try to view them more objectively, from a less emotional and more “adult perspective”. If you could write a letter to your 16 year old self (or any young age for that matter) what would you tell them? Do you think you would tell them to believe they were worthless as a person because they got a C on their maths test? Or because someone in their life treated them badly? 

Whilst this exercise alone often isn’t enough to completely shift negative beliefs, it can help to remind you that your critical self-talk might not always be accurate or helpful. Often, we are so used to talking negatively to ourselves that we don’t even stop to recognize how horrible it really is. 

This video in the link below is a beautiful example of how mean our #selftalk can be without us giving it a second thought.
Let’s all try to practice #selfcompassion and speak kinder to ourselves. Remember- you are not your experiences. You are enough. 

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