Instagram thought of the day 22 09 16: Imperfect Psychologist

Today I admitted to a client that I could be a lot better Psychologist than I am….. he kind of laughed at me, a bit surprised I had said it. I explained that if I took more time to plan sessions, more time to process the things my clients had said and more time to research resources and the like…… then really I’d be working much more closely to my full capabilities, but right now, I’d estimate I’m probably at 70%. Why did I say it? Am I crazy for admitting this?
No, because it’s true and that’s ok. This doesn’t mean I’m not good enough at my job, nor does it mean I don’t care. Of course I wish I had more time to do all of the above, and of course if it were possible I would love to function at 100% all of the time……but realistically I’m one person and there’s only so many hours in a day.
The reason I divulged this info today was to illustrate that we can be imperfect and still be competent and good enough. There will ALWAYS be more you could do at work, always things you don’t get done that you wished you had- the lists are never-ending. But where do we draw the line?
Sometimes it can be worth checking in on the rules you place upon yourself (e.g I MUST always do things at 100%) and look at what these rules are costing you. Sure there might be some benefits but are other areas of your life suffering?
Have a think about the rules you live by and ask “what is the cost to me and those I love when I put pressure on myself to ALWAYS meet these rules”? Could it be worth being more flexible with your rules, to reduce the costs?
Does this mean we stop striving for improvement and growth? Absolutely not. But it does give us permission to accept ourselves and still see our worth on our “just good enough” days. 

MissPsychLife xx
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