Instagram thought of the day 26 09 16

Good morning! It is day 26 of the #selfcareseptember challenge by @bodylove4all today and the theme is #friends …….. #healthy social support from the main people in your life is so important in maintaining your mental health. .
When we have people in our lives who provide a safe space for us to be our #authentic selves without judgment, our sense of connection and self-esteem can improve. This doesn’t mean that these people won’t be honest or give us constructive feedback from time to time, but they do this from a caring and compassionate place and in a way that is respectful.

Often, finding these people is not always easy and when we lack these types of relationships our self-esteem can take a hit. Remember, though, that if you don’t currently have good support around you, it may partly be, as #MarshaLinehan says, that you are a “tulip in a rose garden” and you are still yet to find your tribe.

Know your worth and that you deserve to have these types of relationships in your life and choose to invest your time and energy in those who do the same for you. Try to make time today for someone in your life who provides you with a sense of #support and non-judgment.

#friendship #socialsupport #bodylove4all #relationships #connection #selfesteem #authenticity #nonjudgmental #compassion #mentalhealth #mentalhealthmatters #respectful #monday #tribe


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