Boundaries day 1

When we think of self-care, often what comes to mind is long bubble baths, relaxation and rest. 

While these types of things can be important for our wellbeing, self-care also requires a much more general ability to recognise our emotional, social and physical needs and to have a willingness to put these needs first when required.
Setting boundaries in our relationships with others in both our personal lives and at work can be an important step to help us to prioritise our needs at the times when we require it most, ultimately resulting in healthier relationships and better overall mental health. 
To set healthy boundaries we need to hold a clear understanding of our limits and ensure these limits are communicated clearly to others. 
Later this week I’ll post suggestions on how to communicate healthy boundaries with others. But for today- start to have a think about what your emotional, social or physical limits are and try to identify whether there are situations in which you struggle to communicate these limits to others. Often, to help with this, some signs to look for are feelings of frustration, resentment or exhaustion. 
MissPsychLife xx
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