Boundaries day 2

One of the common #barriers to setting healthy boundaries in our relationships with others is the idea that we do not have the “right” or might appear #selfish or to be a #burden if we were to voice our needs..

Fear about #rejection from the other person or their refusal to meet our requests can also prevent us from being open and honest about what we want or need.


An important part of setting #healthy boundaries is the belief and acceptance that you DO have the right to have wants and needs (we all have them after all!), and that it isn’t selfish to voice them. In fact, being clear about our wants and needs with others can often improve the health of our future #relationships .


Although others won’t always be willing or able to meet our requests, if we don’t ask, we can continue to feel unimportant and unheard (not to mention frustrated and resentful). Even if they say no or aren’t respectful in their response to your request, at least you have tried and can then make decisions about how best to move forward in your future interactions with that person.


So try to remind yourself regularly that you do have a right to wants and needs, that it is often healthy to voice them (as long as this is done in a respectful way and at an appropriate time – to be discussed later this week) and that even if the other person says “no” or is disrespectful to your request, there are always further healthy ways to manage this (which will be discussed in this weeks blog).


MissPsychLife xx


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