Boundaries day 3

Saying “no” to requests from others is something that many of us struggle with..

However, learning to say to no to other people clearly, politely and unapologetically is a vital skill to develop in order to maintain healthy boundaries.


Although saying no might seem straightforward, it can be difficult to find the courage to do so, especially if we fear the other person’s response, or if we believe the myths outlined in yesterday’s post.


To say no effectively, first acknowledge respectfully the other person’s perspective, and then state your preference not to do what’s asked, without any further justification.


For example, “I understand that you are eager to spend time with me this weekend and that movie certainly does sound interesting, however I would

 prefer to stay in and have a night on my own.”


Preferences and feelings are hard to argue against, because they are simply your preferences and feelings. If the person does not seem to respect this or asks why, simply keep responding with “that’s just my preference” in a calm tone (other strategies for this difficulty will be discussed in the blog on Saturday).


Remember- you CAN still be a nice person with a good heart and say no. In fact, saying no sometimes will help you to stay happier, healthier, and ultimately have more headspace to continue being the nice, kindhearted person that you wish to be.


MissPsychLife xx

#14weeksofselfcarepsychology #boundaries #selfcare


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