My #bemyownbestie Campaign….. are you in? 

I’m challenging myself to be my own bestie in 2017. What does this involve and why?

Every day I am going to find small ways to increase my self-care, self-love and self-acceptance. I’ll post about these on my Instagram account with the hash tag #bemyownbestie. Why? Because I think these are areas that most of us can struggle with from time to time, some more than others. I hope that some of you might join me and get on board with this mission as well. 

Loving ourselves just the way we are does not mean abandoning all goals for self-improvement, nor does it require us to focus on ourselves to the exclusion of others. But often, self-love and self-acceptance are the BIRTH PLACE of self-improvement and kindness towards others. 

If you do choose to join me, remember to post a picture on Instagram highlighting how you are practicing self care, self love and self acceptance, use the hashtag #bemyownbestie and tag me (@misspsychlife). Hopefully we can then end up with a fantastic collation of ideas for the practice of self-love. 

Let’s do this guys. Check out the posts so far on Instagram @misspsychlife

Happy new year beautiful souls xx​



  1. Hi Dr Brooke,

    I’ve recently followed you on Instagram as Marna Berry, & I’ve subscribed to your email list too. I’m loving your #bemyownbestie campaign, & I really needed this in my life, & am so grateful I found you.

    In mid 2015, I was finally diagnosed with Bipolar 2 & BPD, both of which I developed over years of living with untreated PTSD. My GP gave me a list of Psychologists to get in touch with & start therapy, but none of them felt right. I’d thought for some months that perhaps I was procrastinating, getting the diagnosis, but not following through with therapy. Then I found you on Instagram, & thought YES, this is what I’ve been waiting for. I’m very spiritual, & strongly guided by my my intuition, & this feel right. I hope I don’t sound silly :/

    So, I’m writing to ask if you are currently taking new patients? I’d be keen to start therapy with you if you were?!

    Kind regards

    Maryann Berry.


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