About MissPsychLife

I started this blog as a way of sharing my passion for Psychology and the promotion of self-acceptance, self-growth, self-care and self-love in other people (as well as myself). Formally, I work as a Clinical Psychologist in private practice in Brisbane and have completed a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. I’ve been a Psychologist for 8 years now, and whilst the job has its good and bad days, I love seeing people grow and thrive, even in the most difficult circumstances. It reminds me daily of what it is to be human, and how resilient we really are. I’m far from perfect myself, and I hope that through writing this blog I can not only help other people, but also keep growing myself.

So…welcome to my blog…I hope that you enjoy. You can read more about how I found myself here on my first blog.

MissPsychLife xx